Why Are DC’s So Sick?

Accidental Discovery

I discovered Koren Specific Technique (KST) in the best tradition of empirical healthcare: by accident. D.D. Palmer had Harvey Lillard. I had a seven-foot-high piece of heavy laminated furniture. I was blindsided as it crashed down on me, almost cutting off most of three fingers. Luckily, my head was in the way or I would have lost my index, ring and middle right hand fingers. I still have the scars.

After sleeping off the concussion, I was left with chronic hand, arm and shoulder pain and burning. I couldn’t use scissors. I couldn’t pick up my ten-month-old son. My neck didn’t feel right; I heard noises from it all the time. That wasn’t even my only problem; I had been suffering from intermittent hip, leg and sciatica pain for the prior twenty years.

Here’s the kicker: I had been getting adjusted all that time.

I immediately got adjusted but the pain worsened. I had X-rays taken that revealed loss of cervical curve, degeneration at C5, C6 and C7 and disc thinning.

“How could that be?” I wondered.

Bleeding on Patients

The daytime pain was bad enough but the hand burning would awaken me nightly. I couldn’t close my hands to make a fist and the skin began cracking and bleeding. Sometimes, I’d accidentally bleed on my patients. Some days the sciatica pain was so intense, I couldn’t walk more than ten feet at a time before having to sit down. I remember looking at a photo of three old uncles, each of whom had had back or hip surgery. In spite of all my chiropractic care, was this to be my fate also?

As my problems worsened, I started seeing DC’s with expertise in various techniques. I traveled throughout the US and Canada and even to England for adjustments. My suffering continued.

I started seeing craniosacral therapists, cranial osteopaths, homeopaths, even a physical therapist.

I continued to suffer for another two years. I felt, deep down, there was a reason for my suffering. It was this: I discovered Koren Specific Technique.

Koren Specific Technique

Koren Specific Technique is based on two wonderful chiropractic techniques: Directional Non-Force Technique (DNFT), developed by Richard Van Rumpt, DC, and Spinal Column Stressology, developed by Lowell Ward, DC. When combined with a hand-held adjusting instrument and a few modifications, the results are amazing.

The Most Difficult Patients in the World

After discovering KST, I decided to approach the most difficult chiropractic patients in the world, to see if it would work:
other chiropractors.

At my regular lectures on chiropractic science, philosophy, vaccination and humor, I’d announce before the break, “Anyone who has been adjusted multiple times with many different techniques and still has a problem, please see me at the break.”

To my surprise, a long line would form.

“Some days, I am in more pain than my patients,” doctors would tell me. It wasn’t just hand, arm, back, neck, disc, arm, leg and other musculoskeletal complaints. The doctors presented with irritable bowels, anxiety, depression, heart conditions, low immune function, weakness, “hump” patterns, migraines; sinus, vision, vocal, hearing, dizziness, insomnia, and menstrual problems; “brain fog,” post-traumatic disorders, postural problems and many other conditions and disorders.

It may sound too good to be true but, after one adjustment, there was a dramatic improvement or a complete resolution in almost everyone. They were shocked and amazed! And so was I.

Doctor after doctor said, “This is the best adjustment I’ve ever had in my life.”


But, just as amazing, I discovered that I could specifically adjust myself.

Suddenly, I took a long, fulfilling deep breath, as years of subluxation pressure released. My lungs seemed to open up. My vision sharpened, my neck and shoulders shifted in relation to gravity and old muscle tension released. I felt relaxed, balanced, stronger—and wonderful!

“This is what an adjustment is supposed to feel like,” I thought to myself.

My hand, wrist and shoulder problem resolved within a few days. My twenty-five-year lumbo-sacral disc problem and sciatica disappeared in about six weeks. (It probably would have taken less time, but then I didn’t know exactly what I was doing.) Additionally, my wife’s eleven years of chronic migraines ceased after one adjustment.

This was revolutionary. I have to show others how to do it. Chiropractors no longer have to live with chronic problems—nor do their patients.

Koren Specific Technique is a quick, easy and gentle way to locate and correct subluxations anywhere in the body. For information on taking a KST seminar, go to www.teddkorenseminars.com or call 1-800-537-3001. Dr. Tedd Koren can be reached at [email protected].

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