Advanced BioStructural Correction™

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is exactly that; it is an advance in the correction of biostructural pathologies.

The most important advance is the identification of the most basic mechanical pathology that occurs in the human body. “Most basic mechanical pathology” has two meanings: It means the starting point of where structure becomes pathological, AND it means the fundamental pathology that keeps a structure pathological when it stays pathological.

This pathology is not a single thing, like an atlas subluxation or a sacral subluxation that some claim on the basis of all structural pathology, but a class of things that can all be described in one sentence.

A little history is in order here first.  One of the first things everyone learns coming out of schools of structural healing, such as chiropractic, and into private practice is that chiropractic and other structural healing methods can work to create the miracle results that we hear about in school. BUT, those results are not obtained consistently and predictably.  I discovered this very quickly in my own practice. Correcting headaches, back pain, neck pain, and many things you would not think that had a structural basis, was happening everyday, but not consistently and predictably.  Having a background in the physical sciences and engineering, I understood that, when one can create a given result but not do so consistently or predictably, there must be factors influencing the outcome that are unknown to the person trying to get the predictable result.

This means you must look further and measure more of the body on an objective basis to understand what is going on.  Lowell Ward provided some direction in this when he discovered the vast differences in spinal configuration on standing and sitting full spinal X-ray, so that is what I started doing—taking standing and sitting full spinal X-rays and measuring every vertebra and vertebral angle that I could think of.

At the time, in the early 1980s, this was contrary to the popular thought in structural healthcare and chiropractic, which was that X-ray was invalid because the changes seen on X-ray vary unpredictably and did not fit with the theories they had developed to explain the good results obtained.  Those theories conveniently left out an explanation of why various methods did not work and why sometimes damaging results were obtained.

In fact, since the results of treatment were unpredictable and the changes on the X-ray were unpredictable, the X-rays did correlate with what was physically happening, even if they did not correlate with the theory adopted to explain the good results that were often obtained in structural healthcare.  The next time you hear someone say that X-rays are not important in structural healthcare because they don’t show what’s actually happening, remember the above fact and understand that the person telling you that does not understand what is happening on the X-rays but that what is there is what is happening and is very important.

Measuring standing and sitting X-rays, I discovered that no theory of structural healthcare in chiropractic, in osteopathy, physical therapy or in any other system of structural healthcare could be true.  You can duplicate that discovery in your own office by taking standing and sitting full spine X-rays of your patients and noting the objectively measurable changes their bodies undergo from standing to sitting. You will discover for yourself that, if any of the theories which currently exist in structural healthcare were completely true, many of those patients could not exist.

I found I had to discard everything I had learned except basic anatomy.  It is a much longer story and there isn’t enough space to print it here, but the objective measurements and observations led to the following discoveries:

Axioms were developed.  (Keep in mind that an axiom is an established rule or principle or a self-evident truth.  “Self-evident truth” would be something that anyone could observe occurring in the physical universe.)

These are the axioms of structural healthcare:

1. The body is NOT a TOTALLY self-correcting thing or machine but it can self-correct many of its mechanical pathologies.  (This is self-evident by objective observation—mechanical things go wrong with bodies that they do correct, and that they do not self-correct.  Therefore, the body is partially self-correcting, but not totally.)

2. Health of the body is defined as a body working optimally on a mechanical basis. (Even chemistry comes down to mechanics, if you look at it from a small enough viewpoint—the shapes of the molecules fitting together are how drugs and nutrition work.)

3. To keep bodies healthy or get bodies healthy, one must make sure that the things the body cannot self-correct are corrected by some outside agency. (Observation of the correlation of Axioms 1 and 2)

4. Regarding what the body cannot self-correct: On the grossest scale, what the body cannot self-correct are bones out of optimal mechanical position in a direction the body has no muscle or combination of muscles that can pull in the direction needed to retrieve and replace the bone into its position of optimal mechanical advantage for the body. (Observation of anatomy/physiology—bones can go slightly out of position in a direction that adversely affects their ability to act as levers and exert the force needed for the body to work properly AND the body does not have muscles oriented to pull the bones and reposition them once they go out of place in some of those directions.  An example would be the case of radial head subluxation, or Nursemaid’s Elbow, which is just a bone out of place in a direction the body doesn’t have muscle or a combination of muscles that pull in the direction needed to self-correct the condition. Correction of that condition leads us to Axiom 5.)

5. Regarding treatment of a body: Doctors and others should only correct things the body cannot self-correct—as, by definition, the body will self-correct the rest.

One can readily see that these axioms are self-evident by objective physical observation; there is no theory or concept that must be learned or believed to understand or agree with them.

You can see more physical observations and explanations at the web site; but, just from the above physical observations, you can see that any system of mechanical treatment that includes pushing spinal bones from posterior to anterior, i.e., pushing down on a person’s back, is questionable, at best, since there are no muscles attaching from the vertebrae to something stable behind the vertebrae (since all that is back there is skin).

For those having difficulty with that statement, I invite you to the web site to examine the article, “Mechanisms That Others Have Not Seemed to Consider.” In that article are the full explanations of common misunderstandings of body mechanisms that most developers of structural healthcare methods or techniques have included in their techniques that limit their effectiveness.

Which are the bones that go out of place in directions the body cannot self-correct and how do you best correct them and in which order? These are all questions addressed in Advanced BioStructural Correction™.

Using the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ protocol for structural correction you will consistently and predictably correct every mechanical problem or pathology that walks in your door that is not caused by cancer, infections, fractures or the like. Ask the docs whose numbers are on the site. They did not believe it could be done consistently and predictably either—that is, until they learned and used Advanced BioStructural Correction™ for themselves and made their own discoveries. There is nothing to believe in ABC™.  You will discover for yourself that everything presented is an objective, physically measurable observation you can duplicate for yourself in your own office.

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is most often learned with the at-home seminar that includes CD’s, DVD’s and Manuals and includes unlimited phone consultation time which doctors often use at the beginning while they are discovering for themselves that ABC™ does what we say, and use infrequently when they find out that they get the consistent and predictable results we promise.

For more information about Advanced BioStructural Correction, Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz, can be reached by calling 203-366-2746, by e-mail [email protected], or visit

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