ChiroTouch Completes New 5.0 Software Release


San Diego, CA – May 9th,  2011 – ChiroTouch™, the world’s leader in chiropractic software solutions, has just completed its new 5.0 release for the ChiroTouch TotalChiropractic Practice Management System. 

“The new 5.0 release represents a powerful set of new features for our family of practices,” said Robert Moberg, President of ChiroTouch. “In our efforts to continually innovate, we collaborated closely with doctors from across the country to ensure this new release would bring the most benefit to practices.”

The new features in the 5.0 release include:

  • Multi-phase Treatment Plans –  allows practices to map out a patient’s entire treatment plan at once and track the patient’s current and completed phases within their overall plan.
  • Shared Care Packages  – allows patients the ability to share their care packages with their families or other chosen individuals. All charges draw from the care package owner’s pool of available items, and a detailed overview allows doctors to see which patient used each item.
  • Inventory Tracking –  allows chiropractors to track, maintain, and order office inventory.  Doctors and staff can track items left in stock as they are sold and manage activity and reordering through designated notifications and reports.
  • Tax Tables – allows practices to maintain tax tables for use with patient charges directly within the ChiroTouch System.  Each tax table can be given a unique name, and providers can enter more than one tax rate per table. The taxes are then accurately calculated in the system based on the effective dates.
  • Bulk Payment Posting – allows staff to post a single payment to individual or multiple accounts with just a few clicks. The ChiroTouch bulk posting application also allows staff to consolidate payment sources, identify un-reconciled payments in a glance, maintain a history of write-off reasons, edit posted payments, and more.
  • Outcomes Assessments –  allows providers to track their patient’s pain and disability through a sequence of questions.  Further, doctors can submit a request via the patient’s email to have them fill out their own Outcomes Assessment online, where it is incorporated automatically in the patient’s file.  The feature also includes a graph/chart function, providing both the patient and the doctor the opportunity to get a visual representation of the patient’s progress.  Additionally, a full summary report, inclusive of all the assessment details, can be exported for dissemination as well.

 “Our programming staff has worked tirelessly to get this new update to our practices,” added Robert.  “And we’re fueled by the desire to better our product by constantly innovating.”

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