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Demand more. Demandforce.

Our customers love the results they get from Demandforce. After all, we’re the leader in automated marketing, with the most powerful technology, and best-in-class features. But being the best means we never settle. Being the best means always demanding more from ourselves.

May 2012, Demandforce gets even better with 87 new features, including more innovation, more connections and more success.

demandforceWith more innovation, we bring our customers new and improved campaign features. We sync with the management system and provide specific customer and appointment information to drive more revenue and reach the right customer at the right time. In just minutes, our customers can send unlimited customized and segmented emails. And with our updated Demandforce Campaigns, they can upload images, edit content and change the look and feel of emails instantly. It’s that easy.

Demandforce has also expanded to more connections within its network to include Citysearch, Insiderpages, and Bing –  increasing our customers visibility to tens of million more consumers.  Our customer business information and certified reviews are now syndicated to more places across the Web, automatically. Best of all, customers can schedule appointments directly from those websites and that activity is automatically tracked. We show our customers where each of their appointments come from they can do more of what works.

And with more success, we expanded the Demandforce Network to give our customers unlimited and unprecedented access to every consumer who is connected to Demandforce in their local area. The Demandforce network helps attract high quality customers, increase business awareness and increase revenue, making our businesses much more successful.

And all of that is merely just a glimpse of everything new and exciting.

More innovation, more connections and more success. Demand more. Demandforce. May 2012.

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