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The premiere of “Doctored – The Movie”, by producer Jeff Hays, will take place in New York City on September 21, 2012, in Los Angeles, September 26, and in Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas September 28. The film will also be screened at those same theaters for one week following the premieres. Between September 5 and 15, a director’s cut of the movie was viewed by more than 1,500 chiropractors from San Diego to New York City, and their comments have been nothing short of impressive .

A few years ago I began sharing a dream from the platform at chiropractic conferences: “I have a dream that within this decade chiropractors will be recognized as the go-to health experts around the world.”  As the chiropractic envoy for this movie I have had the honor of viewing the director’s cut more than 10 times, and I now know that my dream will become a reality, probably much earlier than expected. This movie is a must for every DC to view and share with their community. The impact of this message will change the face of healthcare in America. One of the DC attendees in San Diego wrote a truly touching testimonial  and shared it with colleagues on social media. One of his statements is:  “I am proud to be a chiropractor and proud of Producer Jeff Hays for taking on ‘our story’. This is a PERFECT springboard and opportunity to once again tell our story to the public, only this time it is coming from a third party.”

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Anthony Ebel DC stated: “Every mother who views this movie will be deeply touched and know that their children are in good hands with chiropractic. Every DC needs to get these personalized DVDs and share them with their community, even if they just stand in a grocery store and give them away. Doctored will deliver. When moms see this film, they will do the most important thing we could ever ask of them – ask questions. Chiropractors hold the answers.”
Many health experts across the professions were interviewed for Doctored; chiropractors, naturopaths, physicians, osteopaths, medical scientists, former drug reps. Everyone interviewed agreed that there are serious issues and that the healthcare system in America is broken.  Chiropractor and scientist Dr. James Chestnut stated: “There has been a deliberate and sustained effort by allopathic medicine and Big Pharma to label any intervention other than drugs, surgery and radiation as unscientific quackery. Doctored- The Movie exposes this truth effectively.”  

Doctored effectively shares these messages with one goal in mind – to change a system and lead the American public to healthier lives, to help the public understand that they have options for healthy living. In the opinion of many health experts including Patrick Gentempo DC, “The documentary Doctored – The Movie, like chiropractic, started as a great idea based on truth and has now morphed into a true force of nature.”

In my opinion every chiropractor must support the distribution of this movie, stand up and be counted. Either we stand for something or we fall for everything. Jeff Hays and his team at Jeff Hays Films with their passion and amazing talent have succeeded in revealing the truth about healthcare in America, and achieve what no one in the world has yet been able to do – telling the story with accuracy, passion and ultimate truth.

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Submitted by  Gilles A. LaMarche BS, DC

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