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It’s our annual look at the latest in technology and software! To help get your practice running at full speed (or keep it there), you’ll find the best and latest software programs you can use to help in every stage of your patient care from marketing to attract new patients to the last step of billing and collections; find all that you need in our feature product piece beginning on page 52. Now is the perfect time of year to plan for any major software purchases that may take time and money to implement over the next few months, so you can start 2009 with a boom!

A couple of editorial pieces to complement our product feature are Dr. Stephen Nohava’s article on page 34, “Deal with Investigators from a Position of Strength,” and Dr. Steven Kraus’s article on page 22, “The Paperless Office: Fact or Fiction?” Both will get you thinking about how you’re documenting your patients’ visits and what you can do to get better results! Dr. Kraus specifically addresses the difference between note taking software and a fully integrated Electronic Health Record (E.H.R.) system.

Next in this issue and on the cover, we have a special nutrition technique article on page 18 about “Dr. Lester Bryman and the 50 Year Evolution of Nutrition Response Testing,” which he’s used to get great results over the years…and looking at his own photo, I’d say it’s working! Regardless of what nutrition program you use in your office, with the decreasing nutritional value in our food supply and the ever increasing toxins in the food and environment, you’ll find that incorporating a nutrition component to your practice is a great way of improving your patients’ results. Read about Dr. Lester Bryman’s 50 year’s of experience and conclusions and tell us what you think!

Finally, you’ll want to see the TAC staff and photos from our latest trip to the FCA National Convention on pages 8 and 10. As you can tell, it’s always fun when the TAC family gets together! Hope to see you next time!

Looking forward to seeing and/or hearing from you soon! Keep up the great work!

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