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Biopharma Scientific, Founded by Two DC’s, Announces 

 In Vivo Research on Proline Rich  Polypeptides As Found in Their Nanoproprp: 

 Whey Protein with Colostrum Peptides

 “The effects of Liquid Colostrum Extract (PRP) treatment on wound healing in a murineskin injury model and assessment of its anti-allergic properties on system anaphylaxis in guinea pigs,” a poster presentation at Scripps Integrative Medical Conference in San Diego in 2008, was a study commissioned by BioPharma and conducted by Krylov A, et al., Institute of General Pathology and Pathophysiology, Moscow, Russia. To learn more see http://www.biopharmasci.com/downloads/PRPwoundheal.pdf.



September Is Prostate Health Month


 The odds are that, if you are a man between the ages of forty and sixty, you probably have experienced a prostate problem. Yet, a recent poll showed that nine out of ten men did not even know what the prostate is! Luckily, September is National Prostate Health Month and organizations across the country will join in an effort to bring awareness to prostate health, prostate diseases, and treatment options. Millions of men suffer needlessly due to ignorance and resignation when simple measures such as getting a check-up, nutrition and supplements, and prostate massage can greatly relieve the inevitable symptoms of prostate disease, which include frequent urination, especially at night, pelvic pain or discomfort, weak urine stream, and even erectile dysfunction. In our continued efforts toward education and change, High Island Health will donate $1 of each prostate massager sale to the Prostate Health Foundation. Visit www.highisland.com or call us at 1-713-680-8840.


C-U-Shortly Gown


 The C-U-Shortly 3-in-1 gown is a new, shorter length, giving full access to the spine while protecting the patients’ modesty and keeping them comfortable. Patients no longer need worry about the gown twisting about the body when rolling over or turning to the side. The split shoulder and rounded neckline provide complete access to the neck and the top of the shoulder. This garment is designed with the patient in mind for convenient and quick changing, ensuring modesty protection through quality fabric.

The multi-use, three-Velcro fastening system at the back of the gown provides standard closure for privacy, easy-open for spine access, and one or both shoulders can be bared with the three-Velcro fastening system continuing to allow for complete patient protection and modesty coverage. Imagine one gown replacing three single use gowns!

For more information visit or call 520-876-0853.




A Digital Footprint of Your Patients’ Spinal Health


 Evaluate your patients’ postural health with advanced digital technology by Foot Levelers. The Associate® Platinum digital scanner enables you to screen for foot imbalances that lead to postural problems throughout the entire body.

The information received from the Associate Platinum helps determine a patient’s need for custom-made Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers for corrective postural support.

The Associate Platinum also provides:

• Quick scan option – scan the patient, then enter data later

• Portability – take the scanner out of the office for health fairs, etc.

• User-friendly technology – any member of your office staff can use it

• Electronic catalog – browse the products electronically

• Individual Report of Findings – customizable for each patient

• Hassle-free ordering – instantly send Stabilizer orders via the Internet, no more mailing in casting kits!

For more information about the Associate Platinum or any of Foot Levelers’ Stabilizers, call toll free 1-800-553-4860 (USA), or 1-800-344-4860 (CAN), or visit FootLevelers.com.




AliMed® Therapy Putty Is Now Better Than Ever!

 The consumers asked…and we listened. We’ve decreased the resistance of our putty to match other competitive models available. Color-coded by resistance for easy identification by clinicians and patients, choose from XX-Soft to Firm. Silicone-based and latex-free, AliMed Color-Coded putty is ideal for any rehabilitation program. Available in 2-, 3-, and 4-ounce containers for home use, and larger 1- and 5-pound containers for clinical settings. Unlike most putty on the market today, AliMed’s is guaranteed to maintain its consistency for 12 months from the day you receive it. Therapy putty, along with everything you need for therapy and rehabilitation can be found in AliMed’s PT Equipment & Supplies Catalog (#1897).

A comprehensive selection of AliMed products is available online at www.AliMed.com.




Increase Your Practice

 Patients/Unlimited, a Santa Rosa, CA, based firm offers chiropractors a marketing service designed to increase their practice by welcoming new residents in their market zip codes. This is one of the few ways to communicate with prospective patients who may have injured themselves during their move into their new home or apartment. Names of new residents are furnished once a month on labels or by e-mail. Average zip code counts can be furnished in advance. For further information, visit www.BestChiroLeads.com or call 1-800-539-2742.







DMX Works, Inc. Offers Sophisticated Digital Motion X-Ray Report Writer as ACOM Healthcare Business Division Reseller Partner

JACKSONVILLE, Florida, August 14, 2008 – DMX Works, Inc., the inventor of the DMX Digital Motion X-Ray System and a referral partner of the ACOM Healthcare Business Division, has now been named a reseller partner as well, offering the sophisticated, ACOM-developed iDMX report writer either as a component of its total solution or as a post-sale option, it was announced today by Founder/President Dr. John Postlethwaite and Gregory T. Church, vice president and general manager of the Healthcare Business Division.

“The iDMX report writer adds significant value to the DMX solution, supporting doctors both in the diagnoses made using the system and in communicating those results to the appropriate parties,” said Dr. Postlethwaite. “Digital Motion X-ray goes well beyond static x-ray examinations, sequentially capturing 30 images per second while patients perform a flow of natural movements. A problem that kept arising among users was the inability of doctors to adequately express the conditions revealed through DMX on their reports. The iDMX software eliminates this problem by giving the physician a simple “touch and click” format.”

Better Diagnoses, Better Reimbursement

The DMX process can reveal soft-tissue injuries that are undetectable in still images, Dr. Postlethwaite said, noting that doctors can then respond with more comprehensive courses of treatment for patients, with commensurately better reimbursements for their practices.”

The iDMX checklist walks the doctor through the DVD-resident images shown on the tablet computer screen, letting the doctor know what to look for each step of the way, and offering selection boxes for recording the conditions found. Each selection box is related to specific text blocks that makes a Findings and Observations Report virtually automatically.

An array of possible findings are listed in an easy to follow sequence, where the only thing the doctor has to do is touch the screen of either a desktop or tablet computer in the appropriate description. The doctor simply makes the analysis, then clicks. The computer does the rest. The database builds automatically with each use, streamlining any doctor’s report by eliminating the need to constantly put in common entries, such as the doctor’s name and insurance providers.

Information is available at www.dmxworks.com, or email: [email protected], telephone: 800-839-6757 or 727-942-8324.

For information about RAPID chiropractic software, call 866-286-5315, email [email protected], or visit www.acomconsulting.com.

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