Foot Levelers Introduces 3D Imaging System at FCA

Orlando, FL (August 24th, 2012)- Foot Levelers debuted 3D BodyView™ at the Florida Chiropractic Association National Convention & Expo. 3D BodyView is the first true color 3D imaging device to be released in the chiropractic profession. As Foot Levelers promoted at their booth, “It is adding a new dimension to chiropractic.”3dbodyviewfootlevelers

3D BodyView produces a 3D volumetric image in true color to enable doctors to show patients levels of asymmetry throughout the body and relative relationships between different components of the foot. This device is the most accurate 3D technology in its class, and is certified to be accurate within 300 microns. The same technology is used for industrial inspection of jet engines and other critical precision equipment.

“We were eager to unveil all our behind-the-scenes hard work we have accomplished over the last year in this new technology,” said Brad Wilton, Foot Levelers’ Chief Information Officer. “Foot Levelers is committed to delivering advancements in assessment technology for doctors, students, and even patients. We believe our 3D BodyView will add an integral treatment step for all practices and gives the most accurate image of imbalances during patients’ evaluations.” 

For more information about the 3D BodyView or any of Foot Levelers’ products, call toll free: 800.553.4860 or visit online

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