Foot Levelers presents achievement awards at Parker Seminars Las Vegas

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Kent Greenawalt, Chairman and CEO of Foot Levelers, presented Dr. Kevin Wong with the Educator of the Year Award and the late Dr. Kirk Lee with the Golden Achievement of Chiropractic Service Award at the Parker Seminar in Las Vegas. Foot Levelers created these awards for a handful of individuals, who have made significant impacts to better the chiropractic profession.

FL groupThe Golden Achievement of Chiropractic Service Award was given in honor of Dr. Lee, who passed away August 9th, 2012. He was a member of the Palmer College of Chiropractic Post Graduate Faculty and Parker College of Chiropractic Post Graduate Faculty. Dr. Lee lectured nationwide on sports injuries and the adolescent athlete, was a Foot Levelers seminar speaker for more than 15 years, and practiced in Albion, Mich.

“Dr. Lee will be remembered for more than just his work in the chiropractic profession, which is significant, but also for his positivity that lit up every room he entered,” commented Greenawalt. “Dr. Lee is more than deserving of this award because he didn’t just do what was expected of him, instead he exceeded expectations by always doing more than required. He knew that being a chiropractor was more than being a healer, and used his profession to help others not only with his hands but with his words and actions.”

Dr. Kevin Wong of Orinda, Calif., is a 1996 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic West. He is an expert on foot analysis, walking and standing postures and orthotics. He discusses spinal and extremity adjusting at speaking engagements. He has spoken on behalf of Foot Levelers to hundreds of audiences all over the world the last 7 years.

“Dr. Wong has been tireless in his efforts to educate both patients and doctors alike,” said Greenawalt. “He is passionate about everything he does and passes this energy to all that he encounters.”

“Teaching in Chiropractic has been my passion for 16 years and it will be so until I leave this earth,” said Dr. Wong. “This award validates all of the effort I have put forth and hopefully the help I have provided to others. It has been my honor and pleasure to have taught so many fellow chiropractors and look forward to the future.”
If you are interested in attending one of Dr. Wong’s seminars, call Foot Levelers’ Seminars Department at 800.553.4860.


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