Hi-Tech Patient Care

As a doctor of chiropractic, you probably don’t want to spend much time thinking about your office software. Well, now you don’t have to! To bring you up to date on the latest software programs and technological capabilities available today, we’ve gathered information from some of the most respected companies out there. And, we’ve even illustrated for you exactly where these products can benefit your practice, based on the 10 stations of patient care – from marketing to collections and everything in between. Take a look!

1. Marketing

Insight Subluxation Station™
By Chiropractic Leadership Alliance
Enables the doctor to identify nerve interference and provide appropriate care. In addition, the InsightTM objectively demonstrates to patients that chiropractic care works. On average, doctors have increased their PVA by over 40% implementing this tool into their practice.
Phone: 800-285-2001; Fax: 201-684-1396
Other Categories: 3, 5, 6 & 7

Now you Know-Internet Educational Services
Our services help educate doctors patients and community about health and chiropractic while giving the community contact information about the doctor. We do this with websites, email newsletters and online pamphlets called Echiropractic.
Phone: 800-695-8937
Other Categories: 6

Exercise Pro and Nutrition Maker
By Bio ExSystems
Exercise Pro creates exercise and information handouts with the power of the computer—the result is better patient understanding, better documentation of exercise programs and increased productivity for the doctor.
Nutrition Maker allows the chiropractor to establish calorie baseline requirements for the patient, perform dietary analysis, and print out built-in meal plans created by a registered Dietician.
Phone: 800-750-2756; Fax: 512-360-4098
Other Categories: 3 & 7.

ChiroTouch Paperless Office System
ChiroTouch Paperless Office System will improve the overall efficiency of your office while enabling you to deliver a higher quality of service to your patient. ChiroTouch puts all of your patient’s information right at your fingertips, allowing you to stay in better touch with your patient’s condition and financial situation.
Phone: 800-852-1771; Fax: 619-337-1635
Other Categories: 2, 3, 9 & 10

TyTron C-3000 Thermography
By Titronics
The patient can actually see the stress subluxation places on the nervous system by viewing the temperature “map” of their spine, before and after care. Objective, scientific proof that chiropractic works!
Phone: 800-705-2307
Other Categories: 3, 5 & 6

ChiroSuite (ChiroPad and ChiroOffice)
By Life Systems
The integrated computer software tool that saves time, improves collections, enhances practice growth, and eliminates time wasting activities such as filing and duplicate entries. ChiroSuite is a complete package that takes care of all the administrative items related to patient care including appointments, billing (paper and electronic), marketing letters and emails, examinations, SOAP notes, and narratives.
Phone: 800-543-3001; Fax: 973-625-2843
Other Categories: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 & 10

The Parian Company—Communication and Marketing Consultation
The Parian Company provides customized web site text development and editing. Create a more powerful web presence with our professional written marketing content.
Phone: 650-557-0071

Core: T4
By Performance Health Technologies
• Keeps patients engaged and motivated through game-like interface
• Wirelessly senses angular motion and transmits info to interactive software
• Use with other tools, techniques and existing equipment
• Delivers real-time feedback as well as printable charts and tables to trace patients’ progress
Phone: 303-527-0600; Fax: 303-527-1661
Other Categories: 2, 5, 6, & 7

Document Plus Technologies
Automated forms and a scanner enable the collection of comprehensive information that works with our system to produce the highest quality reports.
Phone: 770-814-2442; Fax: 770-814-9988
Other Categories: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, & 10

N-Compass Health software
By Nutri-West
Generates patient fact sheets, prints questionnaire results, gives individualized nutritional protocols, provides drug-nutrient interactions/depletions, supplies an encyclopaedia of reference information on vitamins, mineral, herbs, nutrients, health concerns, etc.
Phone: 866-271-8888; Fax: 303-662-9998
Other Categories: 2, 3, 5, & 6

ChiroPulse…the Beat of the Future
By Pulse Software
ChiroPulse—intelligent software technology for efficient office management. It’s simply the easiest way to document and create office notes, SOAP’s, history and other data vital to your practice and defensibility. ChiroPulse reduces your overhead costs, lowers staff stress and frees up their time to interact more effectively with your patients.
Phone: 908-289-9613; Fax: 908-289-9744
Other Categories: 2, 3, 5, 6, & 9

MES 9000 Musculoskeletal Evaluation System
By Noromed
The MES 9000 allows the DC to document patient status before, during and after treatment. A necessary tool for patient education and objective documentation of function.
Phone : 800-426-0316; Fax: 206-243-3625
Other Categories: 5 & 6

Tracker Computerized Functional Testing
By JTech Medical
Tracker enables chiropractors to efficiently evaluate and document a patient’s range of motion, motor deficits, pain thresholds and trigger points, and to quickly create reports for patient education and third party reimbursement. Tracker documentation provides the necessary evidence to prove the functional effects of injury in personal injury cases. It’s easy to use, so it readily integrates into any practice.
Phone: 800-985-8324/801-478-0680; Fax: 801-478-0674
Other Categories: 2, 5, 6, &10

Foot Levelers’ The Associate™
The Associate™ is a portable patient screening tool that demonstrates postural imbalances, digitally scans feet in under a minute, and instantly e-mails electronic foot data to Foot Levelers.  From this information Foot Levelers creates the custom-made Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers you have selected for your patient.  Delivery time is slashed in half with the Associate!
Phone: 800-553-4860; (USA),
800-344-4860 (Canada)
Fax: 540-345-0202
Other Categories: 2, 3, 6, & 7

MyoVision System
Designed by NASA trained SEMG expert David Marcarian, MyoVision changes chiropractic by offering truly objective data displayed in the form of beautiful, colourful graphics for Standing Neutral Static SEMG, Dual inclinometry (meets AMA), Thermoglide and Dynamic SEMG.  MyoVision was recently credited with a  $650,000.00 jury award for Soft Tissue Injury, proving that MyoVision’s Dynamic SEMG has the power to prove injury like no other tool in the past. 
Phone: 800-969-6961; Fax: 650-508-2605
Other Categories: 3, 5, 6, & 10

TGI Autumn 8 Software
Our Autumn 8 software meets or exceeds current industry standards for chiropractic office management software including HIPAA compliancy. It is top of the line, fully featured and affordable.
Phone: 850-453-8089; Fax: 775-587-7107
Other Categories: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, & 10

InPhase Practice Management Software
By InPhase Technologies Group
Not just solutions to your problems.…  We provide possibilities for your practice.
Phone: 800-282-9518
Other Categories: 2, 9, 10

2. Reception

Clinic Pro Software
Clinic Pro features an airtight appointment scheduler that keeps patients from falling through the cracks. The scheduler can be color-coded to your choice. You can set up treatment plans and schedule multiple appointments quickly.  Clinic Pro merges your letter with patients you specify. Free electronic billing, and numerous management reports that keep each practice on track.
Phone: 866-333-2776; Fax: 928-203-4120
Other Categories: 6, 9, & 10

Customer Appointment Manager™
By Atlas Business Solutions
Customer Appointment Manager helps doctors schedule and manage customer appointments quickly and easily. It will show you who’s available and when, and let you book appointments in seconds. Everything you’ll need to promptly schedule customer appointments is right at your fingertips in this easy-to-use, computer-based appointment book.
Phone: 800-874-8801; Fax: 701-280-0842

Pro-Soft is compliance, medical necessity treatment planning. Diagnosis and Software system that happens to do SOAP notes.
Phone: 800-409-1614; Fax: 724-942-8972
Other Categories: 3, 4, 5, & 6

PatientCall Appointment Reminder Service
An appointment reminder service that calls your patients in a human voice to remind them of their upcoming appointments. If the patient needs to reschedule, your staff is immediately notified. PatientCall interfaces with your appointment scheduler so it is completely automated or you can use the web page to enter your calls.
www.patientcall.com; Phone: 877-643-9314

E-Z BIS Office
E-Z BIS Office practice management software helps to automate time-consuming tasks so that chiropractors can maximize their time providing patient care. The modular concept of the software allows doctors to automate specific areas of the practice or to phase-in the computerization of manual processes.
Phone: 800-445-7816; Fax: 337-237-1251
Other categories: 6, 9 and 10

ECLIPSE® Practice Management Software
Software for patient rescheduling, etc. Eclipse® is a complete practice management system that handles patient & third party billing, electronic claims & remittance, appointment scheduling, daily notes and reminders, and document imaging. Robust security features, and a myriad of reports fine-tuned by almost 2 decades of client feedback.
Phone No: 800-966-1462
Other Categories: 9 and 10

3. Consultation

Lift Mates, Solo Lift
The Solo Lift from Lift Mates reduces compression forces on the spine by over 60% when one is lifting or moving boxes. Patients can buy this product from the chiropractor to use whenever they need to lift or carry boxes at work or at home.
Phone: 831-626-2986; Fax: 831-626-2988

4. Radiology

DXAnalyzer Professional© X-ray Digitizing Software
This high tech software attends to the concern of the chiropractor to identify permanent spinal ligament injuries and misalignments, document findings, and assist in designing an objective based treatment plan.  The production software model has been tested to be accurate to 0.0023mm to assure that injured patients receive the best digital spinal analysis available.  The software program can import any known form of X-ray format, static films, digital images, VHS, S-VHS Videos, AVI Movies, DVD’s and D.I.C.O.M-filmless X-ray.
Phone: 888-926-2774; Fax: 927-633-3857
Other Categories: 5 & 6

Progressive Diagnostic Imaging
The nation’s technological leader in X-ray interpretation and analysis reporting and documentation. PDI employs board certified radiologists (DC’s DACBR’s and MD’s) to read and interpret MRI’s, CT’s, scans, and ultrasounds. PDI prides itself on having the exclusive rights to the most advanced report generating applications.
Phone: 866-4PDI-PDI
Other Categories: 5,10

5. Diagnostic Testing

Quad Base Scale
By Mally Enterprises
This Quadrilateral Scale measures the patient’s Core Center of Gravity (COG), left and right weight bearing as well as forefoot and hind foot imbalances. Measured in % Kg and Lbs the Reports generated provide rapid, accurate diagnostics and outcomes. Documentation supports medical necessity and rehabilitation data. Scale and optional In-Service training complete the package.
Phone: 800-779-4263; Fax: 563-386-9184
Other Categories: 1

VeridianHealth, LLC
VeridianHealth, LLC, umbrella company to First Therapy Plus, First Diagnostics, and Diagnostic Testing Centers of America (DTCA), is the largest provider of on-site physical therapy and electrodiagnostic testing services in the country. This advanced testing modality benefits chiropractors by contributing to their overall scope of practice services and growth, while supporting better, more convenient care for their patients.
Phone: 877-837-4342; Fax: 866-836-3106
Other Categories: 7

Spine Force is the only known machine in the world capable of precisely targeting, strengthening and conditioning the deep muscles of the spine. Working up to 180 muscles at once, it simultaneously optimizes coordination and balance while improving stability and posture. Billable, reimbursable codes are available for all states.  Practice management coaching included with purchase.
Phone: 800-222-3911; Fax: 305-375-0903
Other Categories: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 & 10

PulStarFRAS by Sense Technology
Phone: 1 800 628 9416
Other Categories:  1 & 8b

6. Report of Findings

By Micro 4
PracticeStudio is a fully integrated Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records system that helps the doctor “do a day’s work in a day”. With increasing pressures from insurance companies, the government, and referring doctors, the PracticeStudio system allows the chiropractor to quickly document patient encounters. The interface with the Practice Management portion of the system enables the doctor and the staff to bill in a more timely manner.
Phone: 800-235-1856; Fax: 806-463-7019
Other Categories: 9 & 10

NeuScan & NeuGraph
By Neumed
With our automated reporting capability, doctors save time in typing up the reports. Reports are in full color and easy to understand. Reports of findings can be printed or emailed to the patient. Neuro-Dyne Medical provides advanced instruments and a number of services to its customers, including FREE Patient Hand-outs, wall posters, FREE Website and an informative E-News Letter.
Phone: 800-963-8633 or 617-234-1104
Fax: 877-638-7693 or 617-234-1108
Other Categories: 1, 5

Myo-Logic System
By Myo-logic Diagnostics
The Myo-Logic System documents medical necessity simply and easily with ergonomic, wireless, hand-held unit that instantly transmits ROM, Muscle strength testing & Algometry data to your computer, then generates impressive reports and graphs using AMA guidelines. All this and more in “One System” that is easy use.
Phone: 800-768-7253

ReportMaster software is a system that enables the doctor, assistant, or physical therapist to produce professional reports and daily SOAP notes easily. The input is simple—mouse, keyboard or touch screen. The system is very extensive and highly customizable. It is the result of the advice of thousands of clients over 9 years.
Phone: 727-449-0817

7. “Pre-Adjustment” Treatment/Therapy

Amrex Electrotherapy Equipment
Electrotherapy provides attended and unattended therapeutic options for the chiropractor. Amrex manufactures all the most popular modalities of electrotherapy.
Phone: 310-527-6868; Fax: 310-366-7343
Other Categories: 8b

By Erchonia:
Proven through double-blind studies , 3LT™ Laser made history , when it became the world’s first to receive FDA approval for the treatment of chronic pain.
Phone: 888-242-0571

8. Adjusting
8a. Traditional Adjustment

Ergostyle FX Automatic Flexion Table 
(January 2005)
By Chattanooga Group
The first step forward in making flexion distraction truly a diagnostic treatment.  Now you can diagnose the pain free range of motion in manual flexion and tell the Ergo FX what range and speed you would like to treat, with a touch of a button. The FX will reproduce your exact motion only, and will treat with the precision of our very popular knee and shoulder CPM devices.
Phone: 800-592-7329
Other Categories: 1 & 8b

Dynasty Chiropractic Equipment Corp.
Our tables provide a powerful & sturdy platform for the doctor to make their adjustments. Cushions are firm but comfortable. The Drops are crisp and the Head Piece adjusts for side posture. The hydraulic driven tables can lift in excess of 545 lbs.
Phone: 800-849-9547; Fax: 905-643-3724

Lloyd Galaxy Ultimate
The standard hylo feature is a must for patients that have trouble “crawling” onto a table due to pain. Doctors do not need to stoop and bend with the standard elevation feature, leaving them with more energy at the end of the day. Auto cocking drops and automatic flexion are also standard features of the Galaxy Ultimate.
Phone: 319-455-2110; Fax: 319-455-2166
Other Categories: 8b

8b. Electronic/Mechanical Assisted Adjustment

ArthroStim® Instrument
The ArthroStim® Instrument enables practitioners to do something they could never do on their own: Deliver 12 thrusts in the space of a single second! The rapid-fire thrusting action produces corrective changes using reduced amounts of force. This increases comfort for the patient and decreases stress on the practitioner.
Phone: 800-569-8624/503-581-3739
Other Categories: 8a

9. Payment & Rescheduling 

By Forte Systems Inc.
The Chiro-8000 automates all of your practice management and billing processes, allowing you to spend more time with your patients or see more patients in the same amount of time.
Phone: 800-456-2622; Fax: 916-673-1355
Other Categories: 10

Quixote: Business Software for the Private Practice
Quixote software enables a practice to conduct the “process” of scheduling patients, recording the encounter (in seconds), billing/adjudicating, and digitizing the entire patient record in a most remarkable way. Quixote is the most powerful practice management software available because it allows doctors to conduct analyses based on relevant business information. Quixote automatically updates itself daily and is supported in “real time”.
Phone: 619-299-2930; Fax: 619-923-3466
Other Categories: 10

10. Billing & Collections

By Accountmaster Chiropractic Software
Accountmaster software enables scheduling and record keeping to facilitate billing with both traditional paper forms and newer electronic means. This saves hours or days in billing and speeds up reimbursements to the chiropractor.
Phone: 800-658-3899; Fax: 605-886-2739
Other Categories: 2, 6, & 9

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