How to Be a Superhero

homeopathysuperCalling all healing superheroes!

:dropcap_open:E:dropcap_close:very doctor wants to be a superhero – to relieve suffering and provide curative solutions to their patients’ health challenges that others have been unable to resolve. 

With today’s rapidly escalating levels of chronic disease and the growing crisis in health care, we need all the superheroes we can get. 
A superhero doctor doesn’t need to advertise, because patients sing his or her praises (even in social media) as the one who helped them when others couldn’t. This word-of-mouth PR is golden! It is not only more convincing than ads you place yourself, but also provides you with all the patients you can handle. The busier your practice becomes, the more convinced people are that they want YOU as their doctor. No one else will do.
If that makes you wonder if you can measure up to that superhero status, fear not.
I want to share with you an easy-to-implement plan that I believe will make you an even bigger hero to your patients than you already are. I will share with you a simple plan to increase your patient success and grow your practice with ease. 
The Health Care Crisis

It has never been a better time to be a natural health care provider. The public’s faith in the allopathic medical model has been shaken. The majority now realizes that the combination of a fast food lifestyle and “wonder drugs” has not created a better quality of life and health, but more obesity and cycles of illness. 
People now realize the typical allopathic model of drugs and surgery has significant drawbacks; namely, toxic and dangerous negative side effects. According to the meta-study documented in Death by Medicine, by Gary Null, Ph.D., Carolyn Dean, M.D., et al., conventional medications kill more Americans than diseases or accidents. Pharmaceutical drugs kill almost 800,000 people per year!  
Although this staggering statistic is not yet widely known, people are eager to learn how to take care of their own health. They want and need reliable guidance they can trust. 
Of course, many providers offer that guidance. As you know, competition is thick in the area of natural health. Many stores, websites, and practitioners claim to provide the answer to people’s health challenges. Many teach lifestyle tips and provide herbal and nutritional supplements. 
How Can You Stand Out in the Crowd? 
You can stand out by offering something most know very little about, but works so easily and well that people are astonished. It is natural, has no negative side effects, has no contraindications with other health conditions or medications, and has a 200-year history of safety. 
You can offer homeopathy. 
What’s So Great About Homeopathy?
Homeopathic medicine offers the best of all worlds:
  • It is recognized by the FDA as a pharmaceutical drug product that DCs can use! 
  • As a drug product, homeopathic medicine can make health claims to treat, cure, and mitigate disease. Nutritional and herbal therapies cannot.
  • Homeopathic medicine even works on children and pets – not a placebo effect!
  • Homeopathic medicine works quickly and deeply, even at the mind/body level, reaching and healing areas other methods cannot.
  • Homeopathic medicine has no negative side effects, no negative interactions with other medicines or nutritional protocols, and no contraindications with other health conditions. By contrast, nutritional and herbal therapies must be carefully cross-referenced for potential undesirable interactions. 
Some Things Are Just Better Together
Chiropractic care and homeopathic medicine are an unbeatable combination. Homeopathy, like chiropractic, works at the highest levels in the hierarchy of our health to re-establish and maintain homeostasis. 
Chiropractic and homeopathy work similarly. They both address the whole person, but homeopathy brings closure to many of the issues irresolvable by chiropractic alone. Together, they offer a deeper-acting therapy to better address the root cause of disease. 
Nutritional Therapy vs. Homeopathy
:dropcap_open:The public’s faith in the allopathic medical model has been shaken.:quoteleft_close: 
Many people are confused by homeopathy. They think any modality that is “natural” is part of homeopathy. Although homeopathy is natural, it is not the same as nutritional supplementation, herbal remedies, or any other natural treatment.

Homeopathic medicine is created from various natural substances that, when taken in concentration, cause specific symptoms in healthy people. After being prepared by traditional homeopathic standards of ultradilution and potentization, the substances become nontoxic remedies that heal those who are ill and exhibiting those symptoms. 
Supplements, like foods and herbal remedies, work on a biochemical level. They must first be broken down into chemical constituents in order to be used by the body. This takes a properly functioning digestive system (increasingly rare these days) and a certain amount of the body’s energy. Many patients have neither a strong digestive system nor extra energy. 
Homeopathic medicine, by contrast, works on a bioenergetic level. It can act very quickly to relieve symptoms by working, it is theorized, on the energy systems of the body. It seems to stimulate the body to overcome the physical problem or health imbalance at its cause and core, at the energetic level.
Revolutionary Medicine for Today’s Chronic Problems
This medicine is so revolutionary that sometimes the very first dose provides more relief than people have felt in years. What a wonderful feeling that is for both your patient and you!
As always, results rule, and when your patients realize the additional benefits you can provide through your newfound understanding of this powerful, yet gentle, healing method, your reputation will soar into the stratosphere (hero cape flying), as they spread the buzz. 
Dr. King is a noted researcher, author and speaker, and the founder and President of King Bio, a wholistic pharmaceutical company. Dr. King and his staff are committed to enhancing public health through research, product development, manufacturing, and education. Call 800-543-3245 for your complementary C.H.E.S.S.™ manual (Contemporary Homeopathic Enhancement Systems & Solutions). C.H.E.S.S. can be used with any company’s homeopathic product line, and can be easily and successfully implemented within a day. Dr. King can be reached at [email protected] or call  1-800-543-3245.

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