Incorporating Energy Medicine in Your Chiropractic Practice Through Pulsed Electromagnetic (Pemf) Therapy


:dropcap_open:W:dropcap_close:herever chiropractors are in their continuum of education, energy medicine and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is worthy of investigation.  The Doctor Oz Show recently referred to PEMF as “cutting technology that will change the practice of medicine.”

pemfthereapyI have written this article from a layman’s point of view.  Chiropractic medicine has helped me, during the past 40 years, to recover from many challenges – brought on by years of college football, shot putting, and competitive weightlifting.  During the past year, I have used and benefitted from the iMRS system, utilizing it as a valuable adjunct to my chiropractic treatments.
This article talks briefly about PEMF therapy, its potential value for Chiropractic doctors, and the iMRS systems –  

What is Pemf Therapy?
PEMF therapy utilizes electronic, computer-controlled devices that direct a series of natural magnetic pulses through injured tissue and bones.  Each magnetic pulse induces a tiny electrical signal that stimulates cellular repair and improves energy levels without any side effects. These PEMF devices, some approved by the FDA, create a healthy and safe “pulsed electromagnetic field” that replicates the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field, which is key to our survival. 

PEMF therapy has evolved rapidly during the past 60 years.  Yuri Gagarin provided us with the first scientific evidence of the human body’s total dependence on pulsed electromagnetic fields.  In 1961, Gagarin circled our planet for 108 minutes at 18,000 miles an hour. Upon returning to Earth, Gagarin suffered extreme depression, diminished metabolism, reduced perception, bone tissue loss, and even muscle tissue deterioration.  Russian space scientists quickly determined that human cells, deprived of the Earth’s natural pulsed electromagnetic field, will die very quickly. Since then PEMF therapy has evolved quickly into a cutting-edge technology – which is often referred to as “The Fifth Element.” Along with food, water, oxygen and sleep, the body needs PEMF to survive.

Science confirms that everything is energy, and that all energy is electromagnetic. All 70 trillion human body cells have electromagnetic frequencies.  Stress, trauma, fatigue, disease, and “electrosmog” (biologically incompatible man-made frequencies) all impact negatively on our cell’s natural electromagnetic frequencies.
During the past 130 years “electrosmog” has been gradually polluting the Earth with trillions of unnatural electromagnetic wavelengths (radar, radio, TV, cell phones, appliances, microwaves, Wi-Fi, GPS, etc.).  These frequencies debilitate nature and our bodies.  

Energy medicine and PEMF therapy have developed rapidly during the last five decades.  Europe, Russia, India and Japan are still leading the United States in this science.  However, with the recent US FDA and Canadian approval of several PEMF devices and therapies, orthopedic doctors and chiropractors are taking note.  Countless Olympic teams and sports trainers worldwide are using PEMF therapy for its endurance, pain relief, oxygenation and rapid recovery attributes. 
Why is Pemf Therapy Important for Chiropractors?
Traditionally, chiropractic patients have sought immediate relief from painful, debilitating injuries that cannot be cured by medicines, injections or surgery.  Chiropractors have been eminently successful in reducing and eliminating pain (which prevails in one of every three Americans).   Now, many chiropractors are wearing new hats – as wellness doctors – and are versed in holistic and natural medicine.  Energy medicine through PEMF therapy is a key new modality for wellness chiropractors.  PEMF therapy promotes natural and measurable wellness and healing down to the cellular level in every tissue, bone and organ of the body.

PEMF systems are relatively inexpensive.  Most treatment lasts no more than 16 minutes and does not require supervision.  Also, PEMF therapy provides an additional income stream and is non-invasive and harmless.

PEMF therapy has been proven in extensive research for the past sixty years to accelerate repair of bone and soft tissue and relax muscles.  It also reduces: pain and inflammation, platelet adhesion, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and stress.

However, PEMF therapy should not be used for: patients who have implants such as unipolar pacemakers or insulin pumps, epileptics, pregnancy, or children under 2 weeks.  

Chiropractic Use of the Imrs
Many PEMF systems can be found on the world market.  Most of them have specific uses and advantages, some for home use and others for professional use.  

I chose to review and recommend the iMRS for professional chiropractic use, based on the following: 

1. The iMRS is German engineered and exclusively manufactured in Switzerland under the highest quality regulations (CE/CB, 93/42 EEC, DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 13485, DIN EN ISO 14001).

2. It is registered and regulated by the FDA and can be legally used in the US.  

3. Over 400,000 units have been sold and well-serviced by the manufacturer during the past 18 years.

4. It has a 3-year factory guarantee, backed by a US service center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  

5. The new iMRS professional system has excellent, cutting-edge technology, just released in 2011. It has a totally digital, computerized control unit with an interchangeable SD-card, containing 3,000 pre-programmed application variations for specific conditions. 

6. The professional system also has an “iMORE” system (interactive Monitoring and Regulation) which measures relevant biological data from the user’s body via a photoplethysmographic ear sensor.  The iMRS prepares this data and calculates individual heart rate variability to actively regulate the intensity (flux density) during an iMRS treatment. 

7. The professional iMRS system is priced at $4,500.00 – well within most chiropractors’ budgets.  

8. An additional brain wave entrainment system (iSLRS) can be connected to the control unit and delivers “wellness for the brain” in conjunction with the PEMF treatment.  I was so enthused with the iMRS system that I have now owned and used this system twice daily for the past year.

Chiropractors Using the Imrs
I interviewed three prominent chiropractors regarding their use of the iMRS:  
Dr. Glen Bobker incorporates energy medicine into his practice through different modalities such as low-level laser therapy, ultrasound and, more recently, PEMF therapy with the iMRS.  Dr. Bobker says that he favors the iMRS over other adjunctive modalities since, in addition to manipulation, it: “…provides the most effective therapeutic results with immediate gratification.  Despite its mysterious property of not being able to be seen or felt, PEMF therapy produces highly successful and rapid reduction of pain and swelling and improved joint function. We have had very exciting and dramatic results with acute injuries (Use of probe applicator for 16 minutes on freshly swollen “grapefruit” sized knee shrinking to normal size before our eyes).
pemfthereapy2This patient ended up buying a unit.”  Dr. Bobker also stated that “The iMRS provides an additional income stream for my practice, does not require supervision, and is extremely versatile in how it can be applied to the body.  It can give focused therapy by utilizing the probe and pillow applicator or provide a dose of whole body, global wellness by lying on the mat applicator.”

Dr. Ron Hill also uses a wide range of therapeutic/treatment modalities to provide his patients with whole body healing.  He has been using MRS systems for 5 years and now has 5 units in his office.  Dr. Hill first learned about PEMF when a patient with chronic lumbar stenosis told him about the previous model MRS 2000+.  He combined this system with regular manipulation, cured the lady, and has become a firm believer since then.  Ron Hill treats many athletes, two of whom are on Canada’s 2012 Olympic team.  He is very keen on giving patients immediate feedback on the effects of PEMF therapy.  This feedback is accomplished through an oximeter, which measures the concentration of oxygen in the blood.  On the average, 8 minutes with the iMRS will increase blood oxygen up to 10%.  Endurance athletes worldwide have taken note.  In addition, some patients are given an Electro Interstitial Scan, which provides them with immediate feedback on 70 different bodily functions.

Dr. Michael Meehan is a firm believer in energy medicine, stating that “Energy medicine is like homeopathy – less is best.”  Most of Dr. Meehan’s patients are given a brief, 8- to 16-minute session on the iMRS whole body mat before chiropractic adjustment. PEMF therapy has been proven to increase oxygen absorption by the body’s red blood cells, which in turn lowers a patient’s inflammation.  Oxygen is a natural anti-inflammatory which thins and unclogs blood and increases circulation.  Dr. Meehan prefers PEMF therapy for its whole body, long-term, recuperative qualities.  “Ultimately,” he says, “we want to affect the body on a cellular level.” 
Final Thoughts
Despite the large body of international, FDA and NASA research and approval, PEMF therapy is relatively unknown to the American public.  

The iMRS is an excellent PEMF therapy system, well suited for most chiropractors involved in Energy Medicine. Many chiropractic patients, including the author, have decided to buy the iMRS for daily use at home.  PEMF therapy is addictive, in a positive sense.  Life cannot be sustained long without food, water, oxygen and low-level electromagnetism.  With constantly increasing levels of electro-pollution, the iMRS is a key tool for those who strive for overall wellness.

Michael Pierce is an international attorney, native Nebraskan, living in Panama.  He is a life and world traveler, poet and writer.  His passion and hobby is good health and longevity through alternative medicine.  On a typical day, Michael can be found: meditating on his iMRS mat, Skyping foreign clients, moving mind and body in the gym, and enjoying good food, friends, and belly laughter.

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