Inspire Yourself to Inspire Your Patients

Even in the furthest reaches of the country, we are not immune to changes in the chiropractic profession. The sheer nature of chiropractic as a discipline of health insists on change as new scientific advancements are discovered and new methods of providing wellness are shared throughout the community. Therefore, we have a responsibility to stay savvy in our practices in order to keep our patients savvy in regard to their wellness and to help them stay active in their care. Our patients look to us to inspire them to continue their treatment plan and practice a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we maintain a responsibility to not only encourage and excite our patients during their visits, but to encourage ourselves to remain inspired throughout our years of service. scientific advancement, new innovations, and technologically-based standards emerge, we must adapt to our changing environment and adopt new manners of practice. Continuing education allows us the opportunity to hone our current skills and learn about other methods and practices. By learning from experts in the industry and networking with our peers, we can explore innovative and unfamiliar tools and treatments; ultimately not only aiding in the care of our patients, but also furthering our reach by opening up new services and additional treatment options.

There are other reasons to seek out continuing education other than to learn about the latest and greatest development, network with peers, and fuel our excitement. It’s also an important part of protecting our practice. As documentation requirements evolve and new laws are issued, it is vital to our business to keep up with the most recent standards and remain compliant.

Learning documentation regulations and adhering to them can help you prepare for audits, review a patient’s history, measure results of treatments, and maintain professional documentation for attorneys, patients, and other doctors to protect you and your patients during legal matters.

Learning about the latest technologies and their role in the advancement of chiropractic is also vital in maintaining a modern practice. As EHRs become the new standard and expectations are placed upon doctors to move to paperless practices, it’s of ultimate importance to learn as much as you can about your options and hear from those in your community before you are placed in a position where you have no time to make an educated decision.

But, as chiropractors we are a busy group, and many of us feel as if we cannot attend additional courses and seminars and still find time to apply this knowledge to our practices. Luckily, as information and advancements occur within the office, advancements in the extended community are evolving as well. Many universities and associations now offer online courses and webinars in addition to in-person classes to help you fit your education around your schedule. These new options now make it easier than ever to complete your CE credits and attend courses and events hosted by individuals located throughout the country.

Continuing education is essential to not only keep your license current, but also to keep your practice up-to-date, compliant, and running efficiently. The more you know, the more you can educate your clients in the importance of their active participation in their health and well-being. With knowledge at our fingertips in this digital age, striving for excellence is no longer such an uphill battle. Finding time for education is easier than ever with online options that allow you to attend courses without travel. As chiropractors we must adapt, adopt and most importantly, stay inspired ourselves to inspire our patients to live at their best. The more we learn, the greater our potential as a community to effectively reach our patients and prospects using renewed toolsets capable of carrying us through our ever-changing professional career.

Dr. Michael Failla is the CEO and Co-owner of Integrated Practice Solutions, the makers of ChiroTouch. Dr. Failla graduated from Life University College of Chiropractic in Atlanta, GA, and went on to run a highly successful chiropractic office in Seattle, WA, for 25 years. He sold his practice in 2007 and continues to promote health and wellness by helping chiropractors run streamlined and successful practices with more time for their patients and less time with their paperwork. Go to for more information.

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