Look for Dr. Chester Wilk on Insight in June


In a much awaited development, Dr. Chester Wilk will be interviewed by Hugh Downs, on the program Insight. The interview may be viewed on nationwide channels that include Fox News, PBS, CNBC, TLC, Family Net, and the Discovery channel throughout the entire month of June.

Look for Dr. Chester Wilk to expose the public to some very disconcerting practices that had been employed by the medical profession in the form of propaganda against the practice of chiropractic throughout the 70’s in a bid to label the entire profession as “Quacks.” In his interview, Dr. Wilk communicates some of the struggles that chiropractic has had to endure in securing the trust of the American people, as experts in the management of the human condition.


Dr. Wilk is very passionate about this subject. He can be contacted at: www.chesterwilk.com or simply type in Dr. Chester Wilk on your Google search engine to learn more.

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