Myo-Inositol – New from GENESTRA BRANDS

Myo-Inositol US
Myo-Inositol USNew from GENESTRA BRANDS, Myo-Inositol is an ovarian health support supplement that helps to promote healthy ovulatory activity and oocyte quality.*
Myo-inositol is a naturally occurring inositol isomer that helps promote the activities of the ovaries and healthy glucose metabolism. In a clinical trial, myo-inositol supplementation with folic acid better promoted hormonal balance, menstrual regularity, and insulin sensitivity, when compared with the placebo folic acid treatment.*

Myo-Inositol from GENESTRA BRANDS provides 4 g of myo-inositol per daily serving to support overian and reproductive system function.* Available in a gluten-free, dairy-free powder format, Myo-Inositol mixes easily with water or juice.

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