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American Chiropractic Association
Dr. Harris Makes Major Contribution to National Chiropractic Legal Action Fund
Chiropractic philanthropist Dr. Bill Harris contributed $10,000 to the National Chiropractic Legal Action Fund (NCLAF) through his Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic Education.  Dr. Harris has, through the years, made numerous and substantial contributions to worthwhile chiropractic causes.  Dr. Harris viewed ACA’s “Simple Justice” film, featuring Dr. Carl S. Cleveland, III, at the Parker Seminar in January.  You too can view the film on ACA’s Web site at
NCLAF contributions may be sent to National Chiropractic Legal Action Fund, PO Box 75359, Baltimore, MD 21275.

Chiropractic in the Media
The much-anticipated June 2003 issue of Prevention magazine has arrived.  ACA arranged an interview this year between Prevention magazine and a chiropractic patient who was given her life back, thanks to chiropractic care.  Her story appears on page 85.  The article also provides ACA’s toll free number and tells readers to call the ACA to find a doctor of chiropractic near them.  Prospective patients have already begun calling us to locate ACA members in their communities.
An article in the July 2003 issue of Muscle & Fitness: Hers magazine titled, “Turn Your Back on Pain,” contains an informative quote from ACA national spokesperson Jerome McAndrews, DC, and offers a nice plug for chiropractic from the author of article.
Over the past month, ACA has also secured positive coverage for chiropractic in Natural Health magazine, Detroit News, and San Antonio Express-News.

International Chiropractors Association
ICA members elect new leadership team
The voting members of the International Chiropractors Association have chosen Dr. C. J. Mertz as the Association’s President for the next two years.  Dr. Mertz, from Dripping Springs, TX, becomes the 14th President of the ICA, an organization founded in 1926 by Dr. B.J. Palmer.  Dr. Fred H. Barge, was elected Vice President, and Dr. Christopher Quigley of Boston, MA, was elected ICA’s Secretary Treasurer.  The newly elected officers and Board members took office immediately upon the conclusion of the 2003 Annual Meeting.

Dr. Fred Barge passes on
The International Chiropractors Association was shocked and saddened to hear of the sudden death of one of their very dear leaders, Dr. Fred H. Barge, who passed away on Wednesday, July 2nd, of a sudden heart attack at his home in Onalaska, WI.  Dr. Barge was ICA’s president from 1988-91, served on the ICA Board of Directors for several years and, in May of this year, was reelected as Vice President by an overwhelming majority.
A legend in his own time, Dr. Barge was internationally recognized as a speaker, teacher, mentor, clinician and author.  One of chiropractic’s greatest philosophers, he is as often quoted as D.D. Palmer, B.J. Palmer and R.W. Stephenson.  A man of immense integrity, Fred will be remembered as much for his outspokenness as for his written words.  He was never afraid to speak his mind and he did so with courage and conviction.  He had a passion for chiropractic and believed implicitly in the power of the adjustment.
Taking his volunteer responsibilities seriously, Dr. Barge served on several of ICA’s Committees and played a key role in many of ICA’s successful programs.  The ICA’s very successful pediatrics program was started with his guidance and support; he helped launch ICA’s profession-wide newspaper, The Chiropractic Choice, serving as the Editorial Chair; he played a primary role in the success of both of ICA’s International Symposiums and, most recently, he was responsible for laying the groundwork for ICA’s newest Council on Chiropractic Philosophy, developing the syllabus for the Diplomate in Philosophical Standards of Chiropractic and putting together the profession’s landmark Conference on Chiropractic Philosophy held this past May in Kansas City, MO.
The ICA would like to hear from anyone who has any “thots” they want to share     about Fred.  Send your “thots” to
[email protected].  There can never be “enuf said” about Fred Barge.  Wherever he is, we are sure he is smiling.  We love you Fred and we will miss you.
World Chiropractic Alliance
WCA joins Coalition in support of HR 2560
The World Chiropractic Alliance has joined forces with other members of the Chiropractic Coalition—including  the ICA and FSCO—in support of “Chiropractic Medicare Freedom and Benefit Protection Act,” recently introduced in the House by Congressman Don Manzullo.
The bill, HR 2560, establishes chiropractic as a separate health profession under the Social Security Act, and clarifies the scope of chiropractic services that may be furnished under the Medicare program.  It states that chiropractors are the ONLY health care professionals qualified under that program to furnish those services.  This would prevent MD’s, DO’s, and physical therapists from providing, and being compensated for, chiropractic care.
For more information about the bill and how to help ensure its passage (including a sample letter of support to send to your Representatives),  visit the WCA website,, or the Coalition website,

WCA Board passes resolution on intra-professional cooperation
The World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA) International Board of Governors (IBG), meeting during the annual WCA Summit in Washington, DC, re-confirmed the organization’s goal of working cooperatively with other chiropractic organizations whenever possible.
In a formal resolution that was enthusiastically endorsed by the Governors, the WCA stressed that it is “committed to intra-professional cooperation in advocating for the needs of the profession, and works with and encourages an open door toward all other chiropractic organizations.”

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