Neck Disability: 30-Years Post Whiplash


Review by Dan Murphy, D.C


Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery – British Volume,
Volume 92-B, Issue 6, pp. 853-855
J. Rooker, M. Bannister, R. Amirfeyz, B. Squires, M. Gargan, G. Bannister

Key Points

  1. This is the longest study of whiplash-injured patients that I have seen in the PubMed database: a 30-year follow-up study. The results are: tablemurphy
  2. Between 15.5 year and 30 years, neck disability had improved in 45.5% of patients, remained the same in 45.5% of patients, and deteriorated in 9.1% of patients.
  3. 45.5% of whiplash-injured patients had made a full recovery 30 years after being injured.
  4. About 15% of whiplash-injured patients have significant symptoms and impairments 30 years after being injured.
  5. Although most whiplash-injured patient will have reached maximum improvement by 2 years after injury, this study shows that some (9.1%) are continuing to deteriorate 30 years after being injured.
  6. At two years after injury, about 50% of whiplash-injured patients are completely recovered, and about 50% will have ongoing symptoms. 4.5% of whiplash-injured patients will suffer from severe symptoms 2 years after injury.
  7. Whiplash-injured patients with a disability often develop an abnormal psychological profile.
  8. Age related spinal degeneration advances with age. In this study, 30 years after being injured, 91% of the whiplash-injured patients either improved or remained the same between 15 and 30 years after being injured. This suggests that chronic whiplash symptoms are not linked to age-related advancing of spinal degeneration.

Once again, this study shows that a significant number of those injured in whiplash trauma will suffer with chronic symptoms. Thirty years after being injured:
45% are completely recovered.
40% retain nuisance symptoms.
15% have significant symptoms and impairments, requiring ongoing treatment.

Psychological distress is common in the chronic group.
It is not unusual for maximum improvement to take 2 years.
Most patients with chronic symptoms at 2 years will continue to have chronic symptoms 30 years later.


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