The Armamentarium for Natural Pediatric Health


babyfirststepHomeopathy offers chiropractic a greater armamentarium than any other adjunct to quickly, safely, and naturally nip the potpourri of children’s health problems in the bud. It empowers chiropractors to broaden their scope of effective pediatric practice to include:

• ADD & ADHD, Appetite Enhancement, Allergies (Seasonal, Food, Environment), Appetite and Weight Control for Children, Bedwetting, Colds & Flu, Coughs, Colic, Earaches, Environmental Toxicities, Fever, Fears & Nightmares, Growth & Development, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Hyperactivity, Parasites, Teething, Tummy Aches, Vaccination Reactions.

Homeopathy works by correcting nerve interferences throughout the inner-workings of the body where the hands of the chiropractor cannot reach. It actually empowers the chiropractor to be a doctor of the whole nervous system and fulfills the vision of our forefathers, such as D. D. and B. J. Palmer. It is the essential key to complete chiropractic destiny.

The powers and potentials of our great profession exceed far beyond what we have seen. Our profession was positioned from its beginning to expand its power and influence, not to shrink back into mediocrity. To accurately set our compass toward the full potential of chiropractic, we must first align our vision with the vision of the founders who created chiropractic.

I am reminded of D. D. Palmer’s vision about how he had expected chiropractic to mature. In his book, The Chiropractor’s Adjuster, 1910, pg. 15, D. D. Palmer stated: “But as soon as the human mind is capable of absorbing a still more refined and advanced method and human inspiration demands it, it will be delivered to the denizens of the earth. A few years ago, it was thought impossible to send a telegram without using a stretched wire from post to post to convey it from one point to another. Today, by proper adjusting, messages are sent thousands of miles over land and sea without the need of posts or wire. Is it too much to expect a similar development, along chiropractic lines, to be awaiting our beck and call?”

I believe D. D.’s vision for chiropractic is fulfilled by homeopathy. It offers chiropractic the ability to go beyond the limitations of communication from the “stretched wire.” We will never fulfill the high call of chiropractic until we transcend the limitations of the spine and address the bigger picture involving the plethora of nerve interferences throughout the whole body. A more complete understanding of nerve interference and subluxation would encompass a combination of aberrant neurological dysfunctions, including reflex aberrations, abnormal reflex responses, dysfunctional memory patterns, pathological reflexes and inherited reflex anomalies that can occur anywhere from the brain to the most peripheral portions of our body. As we take steps to embrace a bigger picture of nerve interference, we will take quantum leaps towards fulfilling D. D.’s vision for chiropractic.

Homeopathy offers chiropractic a detailed and comprehensive approach to correcting the deeper dimensions of nerve interferences beyond the bone on the nerve. We are intimately interconnected to our world. We cannot survive more than a few minutes without the right relationships with the atmosphere from which we breathe, drink, eat and live. Homeopathy extracts the innate vital force from these substances through a comprehensive process called potentization. It offers chiropractic over 200 years of controlled studies, called provings, that are also backed by clinical outcomes to confirm its efficacy and safety. It provides us with a comprehensive compilation of our neuro-response relationships to the substances of our world. This information is recorded in various texts recognized by the FDA called homeopathic materia medicas and repertories.

Like chiropractic, homeopathy works to activate our body’s natural innate abilities to express optimal health. Homeopathy, with its serial dilutions and succussions beyond the molecular levels, works not bio-chemically but bio-energetically upon the nervous system to activate proper healthy functions of the body. The science of homeopathy offers the chiropractor a detailed network of tools to easily, safely and effectively correct the bigger picture of nerve interference.

Homeopathy understands that the body is designed to be healthy and overcome disease. The symptoms are the body’s innate attempting to heal and communicate. Homeopathy works to express health, not suppress disease. It activates the body’s innate vital force to heal and maintain optimal health. Hering’s Laws of Cure states that homeopathic healing occurs from the above, down and inside out and that retracing chronologically in this order is a sign of a true cure.

Sounds like chiropractic, doesn’t it? Yet these basic principles go back over 200 years to the inception of homeopathy. As you may have figured, these principles were established in homeopathy about 100 years before D. D.’s discovery of chiropractic.

B. J. Palmer’s vision was to empty the hospitals, insane asylums and jails and fill the churches. Homeopathy offers chiropractic the opportunity to expand its scope of practice to begin fulfilling B. J.’s vision. It has an exhaustive armamentarium to correct intimately intricate imbalances throughout the body, mind and emotions.

Science has finally mounted enough evidence to strongly recommend the avoidance of allopathic drugs during pregnancy due to the dangers to the infant. Even more so, should we not be more cautious from birth to adolescence when a child is still in the formative years of vital growth and development. During these stages there is no mother’s placenta or liver to filter and lessen the side effects and toxic effects of any drugs taken directly. Perhaps the child’s best protection is the safe natural alternatives we, as chiropractors, can offer.

Homeopathy has proven itself safe and effective over the past 200 years for treating both pregnant mothers and their infants. Because of homeopathy’s pure healing effects, we can safely say, when treating a pregnant mother, that we are actually treating two for the price of one. Homeopathy works so deeply that even genetic or inherited problems can be corrected through it.

From newborn to childhood, the average baby may experience five to ten infections per year. Under normal healthy conditions, infections are commonly fought off and barely noticed, causing the baby’s immune system to be strengthened and prepared for a healthy life. Under disease conditions, the fever will appear more intense.

The fever is said to be our friend. The fever kills and cleanses the body of pathological organisms and toxins that will cause harm or malfunction to our optimal health. Without the functions of the fever, we would all be eaten up by various harmful microorganisms.

When doctors attempt to take a genocidal attitude over microorganisms, we get into trouble. If we did everything for our children, such as cleaning up behind them, doing their homework and solving all their problems, they would never develop into healthy adults mentally and emotionally. Likewise, if allopathic drugs were used to suppress all our symptoms growing up, our bodies would not develop into physically healthy adults.

Homeopathy offers the opportunity to correct fevers in a very safe and healthy way. You may be thinking, “Why fix a fever when it’s our friend?”

Fever is actually the body’s later attempt to correct an imbalance. An optimally functioning immune system will nip these imbalances in the bud before we ever know it. Homeopathy activates the body to function optimally so that the fever is quickly eliminated by expressing health rather than suppressing disease.

A homeopathic formula can simply be given as often as every ten minutes for about an hour. Usually, within the first few doses, the fever is eliminated and everybody is happy. I usually follow up with four to six doses a day for a few days to assure the body fully corrects the problem.

Every parent should have fever, earache, influenza and head cold homeopathic formulas around to nip those moments in the bud that commonly occur during the inconveniences of the night. Your patients’ parents will be so thankful and will look to you first for their family’s health needs.


Frank J. King Jr., N.D., D.C. is a nationally recognized researcher, author and lecturer on homeopathy. In addition, Dr. King is the founder and director of King Bio, an FDA registered homeopathic manufacturing company dedicated to completing chiropractic destiny with the marriage of homeopathy. These procedures can be used with any homeopathic company’s product line and are so easy you can apply them in one day. Call King Bio Asheville, NC, 1-800-543-3245 or email [email protected].

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