The Pettibon System® Announces NEW CEO Chad O’Mealy

omealychad2CHEHALIS, Washington, (August 5, 2013) – The Pettibon System® the trusted leader in spinal correction, today announced the appointment of Chad O’Mealy as its Chief Executive Officer effective August 1, 2013. Mr. O’Mealy has served as our Operations Consultant for the past four years and brings more than 19 years of experience in business management.

“Chad’s expertise and leadership with our team has been greatly appreciated these past four years.” said Sharon Freese-Pettibon, President. “He is an excellent business man and has been working closely with our team to anticipate trends and open up new doors. Chad knows the power of the Pettibon System first hand as a patient and family member. He has worked closely with Dr. Pettibon and myself for many years. We are thrilled to make this official.”

Here is a sneak peak of what is to come. Mr. O’Mealy released this statement, “The Pettibon System® and entities are responsible for improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals across the globe and are in greater demand than ever before. The number one problem plaguing individuals today is back pain and the holistic System of spine and posture correction created by my parents Dr. Burl Pettibon and Sharon Freese- Pettibon is poised to have a greater, further reaching impact than ever before. When our doctors spoke and needed better, faster support, The Pettibon System listened and created national distribution channels to assure our Doctors had what they need when they needed it. As holistic care and home patient care continue on the rise in emerging countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore and all across Asia and Europe so does the demand of our PROVEN methods of reversing and restoring spinal deviations. I am honored to assist my parents in their lifelong endeavor to rid individuals of pain and will continue to support the demands of people all over the globe by delivering what we promise, a proven spine and posture correction system.

About Pettibon
The Pettibon System® is a comprehensive rehabilitation system for the spine’s hard and soft tissues. It is known to take patients out of surgery consideration, eliminate their pain and get them back to their activities of daily living within a few weeks. It uses x-rays for diagnosis, assessing progress, and proof of treatment effectiveness. It tests each patient’s ability to respond to care, and practitioners train patients in home care for faster correction and lasting results. Practitioners from around the world have introduced Pettibon Rehabilitation into their practices providing pain relief, correction and tools for patients to use to maintain their health. To find out more, please visit

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