The Promise of Matrix Repatterning

At six years of age, she had fallen twenty feet out of a ski lift.  Typical of this feisty lady, she had landed on her feet.  Unfortunately, her tiny body could not support the force of her landing.  Her legs and pelvis were smashed and this little girl would begin a new life, one that would see her endure numerous surgeries and hospitalizations, not to mention constant, agonizing pain, as well as ongoing problems including dizziness, digestive problems and reproductive disorders, and a lack of sensation in her pelvis.

I outlined the basic premise behind Matrix Repatterning.  I explained that the tensegrity matrix (the basic molecular structure of all life on the planet) could account for how the body stores and locks in the pattern of strain at the molecular level.  I went on to tell her how the body was one continuous fabric made up of tiny triangular elements, sort of like a geodesic dome, and that a source of tension in one area was transmitted throughout the entire body (see Figures 1-3)

I explained how the energy of an injury is absorbed by dense structures, such as bones and the water-filled internal organs.  I said that my goal was to locate these primary sources of restriction in her body and that her body would tell me, very precisely, where these tension patterns were located.  I further explained that, once located, it would require a surprisingly gentle form of pressure to permanently release these restrictions. 

I proceeded to examine her, checking her posture, the movement in each of her joints, the strength and tone of her muscles and the functioning of her nervous system.  I then showed her how I could read the pattern of tensions in her body.  She was quite amazed at how gentle contact from my hand on one area caused another area to relax, completely beyond her conscious control.  I explained that this process was a direct expression of the continuous molecular network of the body—the tensegrity matrix, the basis of Matrix Repatterning. 

Since my hand produces a normal electrical field, when I placed it over an area of her body that had been injured, it caused a temporary shift towards a more normal state (see Figures 2 above).  This would have the effect of partially reducing this source of tension.  Since the matrix is a continuous fabric throughout the body, the whole body will relax slightly.  Therefore, pressure on another area—say, the rib cage or a muscle in the thigh or arm—will  noticeably soften under pressure. 

As she felt the unmistakable softening of her rib cage every time I found one of the primary areas, her mind began to open to the possibility that there was something different here—something she had not previously encountered. 

I carefully documented my findings and announced that I had clarified part of her injury pattern.  This included compressed bones (literally, bones which had shortened—not fractured—as a result of the impact); organs which had dropped and expanded as a result of the massive force of her landing; and the effects of several of her surgical scars. 

After I completed the first treatment, I re-examined some of the restricted ranges of motion and was satisfied that some degree of improvement had been accomplished.  As she got up to leave, she acknowledged that her pelvis felt freer and less painful.  I reminded her that she still had a long way to go and that her long history of fairly serious injuries would be revealed in layers. 
After several more sessions, Heather noticed her hips were able to move more normally and she could turn her head without agony.  Gradually, her other symptoms began to disappear as well.

It was during one of our sessions, after we had released one of the more stubborn problems in her pelvic area, that she grabbed my hand.  With her voice choked by emotion, she looked up at me and announced in a deliberate tone, “You have to teach this—to everyone!”

I was humbled by the power of her declaration and became fully aware, in that moment, of all of the pain she had resolutely endured for so many years.  With tears welling up in my own eyes, I looked directly into hers and said, “I am trying to get the message out, and I will try to do more.”

Matrix Repatterning represents a radical departure from many of the limiting beliefs that have pervaded the field of physical medicine.  The principles and properties of the tensegrity matrix (now scientifically proven*) determine how we respond to our environment, gravity, injuries and the very processes governing health and disease. TAC

For more information about Matrix Repatterning, contact: Dr. George Roth at Wellness Systems Inc., toll-free at 1-877-905-7684, Fax; 905-880-0650; email: [email protected]; or check their web site:

* “The Architecture of Life”, Donald Ingber, MD, PhD, Scientific American, January 1998.

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