The Quantum Repatterning Technique™

The Quantum Repatterning Technique™ (QRT) provides specific tools for identifying precisely what is taking place in the weakened or disordered physiology associated with unresponsiveness of the immune and endocrine systems.  In the chiropractic profession, it is recognized that all disease originates with a disturbance in the flow of innate communication.  When innate is inhibited or blocked, there are reactions that take place in the neuromuscular anatomy that result in a subluxation and an inhibition of nerve flow to a particular part of human anatomy.

Can you imagine having a fuller understanding of why adjustments hold or don’t hold and a more accurate description of how innate intelligence exerts its powerful influence on healing and repair mechanisms in the organism?  QRT was developed based on over three decades of research in brain proprioceptive feedback mechanisms, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and a wide array of kinesiological approaches.  In just a few minutes, one can identify the correct sequence of aberrant nervous/meridian system function in specific organs or systems of the body.

Most importantly, QRT accesses the body’s innate biofeedback communication system, providing an accurate tool for assessing the individualized pattern of functional disturbances and the underlying stressors that induce and promote illness.  By defining how and why an individual is stressed and providing the solutions to the negative health effects of these stressors, the QRT practitioner can nourish and energize the body on many levels.

Moreover, the understanding of muscle-organ proprioceptive blocks and vagal distress syndrome (VDS) can help chiropractors to improve patient outcomes, allowing innate intelligence to operate more fully in the human organism.  In the case of immunological unresponsiveness, once the immune stress overload has been identified, the application of appropriate therapy to immunodulate or support weak or deficient organs can be accomplished with simplicity and ease.

QRT is based on physiological and anatomical facts regarding specific viscerosomatic and somatovisceral relationships.  Where there is a specific dysfunction in an organ (say, the kidney), a specific related muscle group will test weak (in the case of the kidney, the left upper trapezius and the left psoas and illacus muscles will test weak and be sore upon palpation).  A muscle may test weak for a variety of reasons. (See Chart on page 50).

QRT offers a simple diagnostic tool that quickly unveils the core issues in immunological and hormonal unresponsiveness.  This unparalleled insight is based on empirical observations in the quantic domain of life, because complex, interwoven, energy fields govern our existence and determine how fast we will heal or recover from an illness, trauma, or an infection.  It is based on scientific evidence on electric conductivity, functional magnetic resonance imaging and infrared imaging.1-5

Unlike most alternative and traditional treatments that are often off-target and embarrassingly simplistic, QRT departs from fragmented, analytical thinking, and approaches the body with a variety of multileveled diagnostic and therapeutic avenues.  Many alternative practitioners may simply, unintentionally or otherwise, overlook the components of immunological or hormonal unresponsiveness in their attempt to direct therapy at, what may seem to be, more pressing clinical issues.

Clinically, there is a consistent association between accumulated toxins, oxidative stress levels, and blocked meridian energies that lead to a subluxation.  Clinical decisions—based on empirical observations and common sense inferences—lead to the obvious conclusion: The body’s neuro-energetic anatomy needs to be repatterned from the segmented interferences of stressors.  By repatterning each patient, the practitioner can “switch on” multiple energetic and metabolic pathways that give the patient more metabolic freedom and resiliency in today’s toxic environment and “switch off” pro-inflammatory pathways (Cox-2, Delta-5-desaturase) that give rise to carcinogenesis, pain and inflammation.

In summary, by allowing innate to tell us what is wrong, chiropractors will be in a stronger clinical position to help patients with complex and treatment-resistant disorders.6-14  Doctors, who want to learn how to adjust a vertebra with less force, need an acute pain relief procedure added to their present technique or who want better results than their present technique provides, will find the clinical application of QRT worthwhile.  QRT is reliable, reproducible, clinically-effective, and scientifically valid, as it is based on the scientific principles of cellular resonance and known facts of human physiology.1-4

Dr. Yanick is a world renowned expert on and founder of Quantum Medicine and QRT.  He has published extensively on Quantum Medicine.  You may contact Dr. Yanick by fax at 845-340-8606 or e-mail at [email protected].  Visit or for more information.

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