TVM vs. A Chiropractic “Wasteland”

Chiropractic, a Wasteland?

Things have never been better.  Accepted in all states, academic accreditation, almost full members of the healing arts is the way most see it.  This euphoria disappears when you compare it to what it could become and what it did become for me, and the little group of doctors who have studied TVM (The Vickery Method).
It would appear the profession is regressing.  Some states taken over by sheer numbers of “straight” types, whether HIO, Gonstead, or whatever, are trying to halt the very means that they need to advance themselves into truly holistic doctors who understand why they adjust, and get their patients to the point where they do not have to be adjusted for a year or so!  TVM proves that exact nutrition, tested for effectiveness on the individual patient, is the most necessary thing.  But, by the time this profession wakes up to this fact, we will find ourselves legally “locked out” in many states.

Most of what chiropractic does is in a “technique”.  Techniques start in the middle, accomplish beneficial results, but, still, end in the middle!  TVM (a method) starts by identifying causes which are mostly nutritional, identifies the degenerative processes (particularly diskal lesions) with the Confirmatory Challenge Test (CCT) and BEV (Brice E. Vickery) Tests, identifies infectious processes (viral, fungal, and bacterial), and restores the balance of the meridian systems to a new level of health, which is a Category 1 free patient.  (This is the Cat. 1 of Sacro Occipital Technique and Applied Kinesiology. If a doctor does not know what it is after graduation, he/she should become a plumber!)  Furthermore, if the Cat. 1 returns, it is easy to discover that this patient is not taking the prescribed supplements or has cut back on them.  When you find this without their help, you have a patient for life!  This yardstick promoted one of the largest cash practices in New England without promotional courses, advertising or gimmicks.  Furthermore, we checked our patients quarterly and they were glad to have us do it!  This was truly a wellness practice.

New Tools Needed

The study of Applied Kinesiology1, followed by EAV2 (Electroacupuncture According to Voll), Contact Reflex Analysis3, Clinical Kinesiology4, enabled testing on the human body, the best laboratory of all, asking it highly sophisticated questions.  The “mechanics” resist this, thinking it is mumbo-jumbo or  because they are exposed by comparison.  If successful, they will make chiropractic a veritable wasteland of bored mechanics who see how fast they can “go through” patients without ever becoming—real doctors.  These hard won advances enabled understanding of the causes and the cure of fibromyalgia.  Case histories and a full description of the Vickery Fibromyalgia Protocol are found at  We have cured, from this website alone, over 150 persons with 1– 50 years history of having this disease.

The Confirmatory Challenge Test5 (CCT)

This test revealed back pain’s root cause—degenerating disks.  No one ever stopped to think that a lesion starts microscopically, nor was there ever a test for it.  The CCT scan was the first test that did that.  It demonstrated that disks are breaking down in bunches throughout the spine—and the nutritional causes.l   Proof?  They start healing in ten hours! Medicine has accepted this and confirms it with IDET (Intradiskal Electrothermy) and laser on the disks.  Chiropractors remain ignorant.
Full understanding came after comparisons of the tests with the Computed Tomography (CT) scans and later the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).  The superiority is apparent—not one patient precipitated into surgery in thousands of cases.  Compare that with the Cox, Gonstead, recoil, side posture , drop or any other chiropractic method.  There is no comparison.
The Cox method is grossly similar in its approach to correcting the disks, but becomes harmful in that, if L-5 is on the right, what is done when L-4 is on the left?  When done specifically by hand in three directions, there is no error.  It is immediately re-tested to see if the corrections have been made.  This is the safest and most effective method.  (See graph of results below)

The BEV Tests6

The BEV Tests (my initials ) were a dream come true:  A standing (or sitting) series of tests for cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine that can be done in under two minutes and are more revealing than CT, MRI, thermogram, or any other known tests.  Completely complimentary to the CCT, they always agree.  I found that many diskal lesions were producing no pain, but giant malfunctions in the organs or the MUSCLES. This was true especially in the dorsal spine where most doctors think there are few diskal lesions.  That is why they can’t cure GERDS (Gastro esophageal reflux disease).  I have never seen a case without dorsal disks sending disruptive impulses into the plexus.
This test is an assessment of the collagen and other tissues of the body.  When the disks are deteriorating, so are all of the other tissues.  This test is positive in EVERY fibromyalgia case and is one of our criteria for the diagnosis.  You cannot diagnose FM exactly without it.

Spine Charts

Average findings

With the BEV Tests

Spine charts

A Straight Patient7, 8

Once the spinal disks are healing, the treatment is roaring along toward lasting postural correction, which we often achieve in a week or two.

Vickery Method vs Alternatives Reported by Klein & Sobel

Hidden Cervical Disk

This condition is almost always an anteriorly displaced cervical.  It is most commonly seen in whiplash and is almost never diagnosed so that treatment is mal-adjustment.  What should be corrected in two weeks takes years!

Ileocecal Valve and Parasite Triad

This is one of the most powerful mechanisms any doctor should know and understand.  It is the most common cause of a doctor’s failure to balance the spine and relieve disk pressure.  Sometimes, it must be done before anything else.  We identify two main causes.
1. Dysbiosis—anything from Candida to Lamblia and Shigella.
2. Neurological—caused by spinal subluxation-fixation and continuing muscle imbalance.

Lymphatic Slowdown

This powerful mechanism can turn off muscles anywhere in the body and can prevent straight posture being maintained.  It can particularly affect neurolymphatic reflexes.

The Vickery-Voll Test for Protein Insufficiency

This test revolutionized treatment of chronic disease and immune function.  The standard blood tests do not show this.  Presented since 1983, it resulted in the Vickery Essential Amino Acids ™ and the Platinum Essential Amino Acids Plus US Pat.6,203,820, which are the core of outstanding success in Degenerative Disk Disease (DDD), FM, hypoglycemia, arthritis and osteoporosis.  The test is available free at

Category 1 L P (for protein)

The most common of the Cat 1 series has a comprehensive correction using DeJarnette blocks, correcting reflexes (important) and making gentle adjustments when necessary.  Sixteen Cat. 1 conditions have been identified.  Nine out of ten patients were found to be protein/sulfur deficient.
The series of Cat. 1 distortion continues with causes never before known.  Maintaining absence of this distortion is the basis for achieving and maintaining wellness in a patient. A “Category 1 Distortion” is a whole body distortion (from your “nose to your toes” as I like to say) such as scoliosis.  See table: Category 1 Distortion  to get a list of causes for a Category 1 distortion starting on the top of the list with the (usually) most common and going down to the rarest causes.

Category 1 Distortion

A “Category 1 Distortion” is a whole body distortion (from your “nose to your toes” as I like to say) such as scoliosis. Below is a list of causes for a Category 1 distortion starting on the top of the list with the (usually) most common and going down to the rarest causes.



Category 1 distortion

Causes never before known






Cat. 1 L P

Protein Deficiency

Cat. 1 L C

Called mini scurvy

Cat. 1 L I

Iodine deficiency

Cat. 1 L S

Salt deficiency

Cat. 1 L CR

Chromium deficiency

Cat. 1 L M


Cat. 1 L

Anterior dorsal

Cat. 1 L INF


Cat. 1 L CX

CX meridian–sex glands

Cat. 1 L IV Disk

Disk Injury, etc.

Cat. 1 L F

Fatty acids deficiency

Cat. 1 L ALL


Cat. 1 L


Cat. 1 L GB

Acetylcholine precursors

Cat. 1 L


Cat. 1 L MW

Muscle weakness


TVM is the single most important and revolutionary advance in chiropractic and, yet, remains relatively unknown.  It has enabled the most important nutritional discovery ever made—the lack of protein utilization.  It demonstrates that the most important lesions are diskal degenerations.  It lifts the fog from the “technique beaten chiropractic minds”  and gives unyielding success.  It unflinchingly has proven, in the rigors of practice, that nothing equals its ability to identify the nutritional, emotional, and infectious causes which result in mechanical distortions such as the Cat. 1.  It corrects the “short leg”.  A patient maintained Cat. 1 free is experiencing a new and higher level of health—generally referred to as WELLNESS.
Doctors who inquire about our FM Protocol have trouble understanding that they must first master TVM before they can go on to the advanced diagnostic methods using test kits for viral strength—AND LOCATIONS IN THE BODY—and before they are anywhere near being competent at tracking their patients’ progress.  This is ADVANCED TVM.  This is the level the doctors of the 21st century will be building on, and refining.  TAC

Dr. Brice Vickery can be reached at 3377 Glenview Drive, Aiken, SC  29803, or by phone at (803) 644-0607;


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