Upcoming Seminar

Anthony Robbins
Wealth Mastery
May 22-25, London, United Kingdom
Chiropractic Leadership Alliance
Chiropractic Leadership Summit 2008
Sept. 19-21, Bloomingdale, IL
Dr. Peter Fernandez
“How to Increase Your New Patients from 0 to 100 per Month with
In-Office Programs & Activities”
June 7-8, Atlanta, GA
Enzyme Formulations, Inc. (Loomis)
June 7-8, Logan College of Chiropractic, St. Louis, MO
Sept. 5-7, Chicago, IL
Foot Levelers
Low Back Stabilization
Dr. Manuel Duarte
May 31, Williamsburg, VA
SOT/Cranial Applications: Diagnosis and Treatment
Dr. Kurt Larsen
May 31, Philadelphia, PA
Freedom Awaits
Take Your Decompress Practice to the Highest Level! Convert 95% Plus of Your New Patients and Get Paid 100%! Learn How to Transform Your Existing Insurance Based Practice into a Rewarding Cash Practice. You Can Have Total Practice Freedom.
June 18-21, July 16-19, Aug. 20-23, Fort Wayne, IN
Learning Curves
Dr. Jeffrey S. Slocum
Create more value for Chiropractic by mastering the 7 characteristics of Advanced Citizenry. Explode your practice through leadership and excellence.
Matrix Repatterning
1-905-726-8770, Ext. 229
The Matrix Repatterning Intro course includes an introduction to the theory of cellular biomechanics, a clinical workshop covering the assessment of the entire body, and treatment of key areas of injury. It will allow practitioners to begin to apply a basic level of treatment to help patients overcome many common structural conditions.
George Roth, DC, ND
June 7, Sept. 27, Dec. 6, Aurora, ON, Canada
Dr. Dan Murphy
Nutritional Neurology
May 31, Sacramento, CA
June 7, Dallas, TX
Nutri-West Southern California
Dr. Brett Brimhall
Brimhall Basic, Intermediate &
Nov. 14, Irvine, CA
Nutri-West Texas
Dr. John Brimhall/Dr. Jeff Ulery
Brimhall Basic, Intermediate &
Sept. 19, Dallas, TX
SafeCareRX® by King Bio®
Frank J. King Jr., ND, DC
Contemporary Breakthroughs in Homeopathy
May 31-June 1, Asheville, NC
Ulan Nutritional Systems
In this workshop (packed with “hands-on”), you will learn a SIMPLE system capable of discovering the actual core-level health issues of your patients.
Dr. Joseph Teff
May 31-June 1, Boston, MA
Dr. Lori Puskar
June 12, Clearwater, FL

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