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Leadership Panel article, issue 11, 2009
I read with interest the comments of the “Leadership Panel” in your November 2009 issue. You posed some very poignant and important questions to this distinguished and respected group of profession representatives. However, neither The American Chiropractor nor any of the panel members mentioned one of the most important developments in recent chiropractic history that should make us all realize our glass is “over half full.” The National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners is most likely one of the most important developments in this profession since our inclusion in Medicare. Soon, with training and the successful completion of a federally mandated examination, any D.C. will be on the same playing field and equal to any M.D., D.O., P.A. or Advanced Practice Nurse, attaining the same certification, for performing DOT/FMCSA truck and school bus driver physical examinations. Can you name ANY program where we are peers with that group?  The Federal government has sought to maintain its inclusion of D.C.’s in this mandatory program. Seems, however, our profession simply does not realize and, in some cases unfortunately, has some suspicion about our inclusion in this wonderful program. From someone who is heavily involved in the program, here is a flash: We are in! The modern chiropractic physician, in my opinion, should consider their participation in this important program. We have an opportunity to excel, so let’s do it.

Clinton M. Smith, D.C.
Director of Training Systems


Leadership Panel article, issue 11, 2009
I think the outstanding individuals and perspectives offered in the Leadership Panel piece were remarkable. I generally skim through your publication, but read every word of this article because of the caliber of the individuals and the good questions. I wish each of the interviews were longer. Thanks for tapping into these wonderful leaders and sharing their insight with us.


Andrew Cohen, D.C.

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