CryoUSA leads the way in Cryotherapy for Chiropractic Care

Dallas, TX, February 24, 2015 – CryoUSA, the nation’s leading distributor of whole body cryotherapy units, is making a significant impression on the chiropractic market. The company launched operations in 2011 after spending most of 2010 vetting cryotherapy technology, the science behind it, and cryotherapy as a modality. This included client response, frequency, results, and the marketing of cryotherapy as both a stand-alone business and as an additional revenue stream for existing businesses like chiropractic.

Founder, Eric Rauscher, said the new industry really launched when he began providing cryotherapy for the Dallas Mavericks in 2011 and they consequently won the NBA championship, despite being the oldest team in the league. “When players like that tell you they might not have won an NBA title without cryotherapy as a recovery tool, it begins to get your attention” said Rauscher. He continued, “With our subsequent installs at Nike and 7 other NBA teams, the chiropractic world began to take notice.”

Now, with experience growing their own retail locations, as well as installing more than 100 units for 80+ businesses nationwide, CryoUSA continues to move an industry forward by helping chiropractors meet client demands for this new therapy. “Cryotherapy has allowed our patients to reduce inflammation and soreness much quicker than conventional methods. It has helped us create a reputation for getting our patients back to activity sooner than anticipated.” said Brock Stratton, a chiropractor from San Antonio, TX and one of the early adopters in the D.C. market.

“CryoUSA has used cryotherapy to merge the gap between the allopathic community & the field of chiropractic”. Stratton also sees it as a modality with unrivalled revenue. “It also doesn’t hurt to have an additional source of revenue & a great marketing tool!” said Stratton. Former NCAA basketball coach and CryoUSA Managing Partner, Mark Murdock is no stranger to competition. He believes he knows why chiropractors are clamoring to obtain this technology. “It’s a recruiting war and it’s why we’re averaging 10 new installs per month now. The arms race is on for chiropractors to see who can provide the most value to their clients and to find a company with the experience that we have, to help them maximize the rewards.”

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