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Dear TAC,

My wish is for you to cover a small story that I feel is an important issue. I was recently injured in a work related situation that wrecked my lower back. I began to see a chiropractor named Dr. John Corley about 3 days after my injury. He took me under his care and did some manipulation of the spine and a rehab program. After a couple of weeks, Dr. Corley referred me to a neurosurgeon in Carbondale to get a “second brain” on the situation. It took 30 days to get into the neurosurgeon and I continued my care with Dr. Corley while pending the appointment with the neurosurgeon. After approximately 6-8 weeks from the injury date, I was able to see the neurosurgeon. He explained to me that, with the MRI results and the pain that I had originally been in, he would have done surgery on me right away. The neurosurgeon said, had I not gone to the chiropractor first and instead had seen him first, he would have already operated and that I needed to thank Dr. Corley, as he is the doctor that saved me from surgery‚Ķ. I was shocked to understand that, if any one person were to see a medical doctor and given a referral to a surgeon, that the surgeon would just operate. I owe Dr. Corley a huge thank you as he helped me with my problem and kept me out of surgery‚Ķ. The expenses for surgery are outrageous and the cost of chiropractic care is much more affordable. My wish is that you could cover this issue somehow and give other people the option to get helped. Health care is a huge issue right now and keeping any human out of surgery is only a positive outcome.

Feel free to contact me any time at 1-760-985-5904 (Jamie Blevens) or by email at [email protected].

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